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Mystery in the Forest Exterior Render Settings

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Mystery in the Forest Exterior Render Settings

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Forest 3D Render LUMION SETTINGS, in Lumion.10.3

Contents of the downloadable file:

1. One Lumion 10.3.2 File (.ls10) with Preset with 1 effect


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Why Do You Need This Scene?

To get full insights of how the scene was made and understand how to achieve similar results in your projects.


To use the scene, you need to open the Lumion file (double-click on the scene file or load it through Lumion 10 Pro).


This file was created in Lumion 10 Pro and is fully compatible only with this version of Lumion and above. The effects, camera angles, and materials in the scene can be edited.

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Forest 3D Render LUMION SETTINGS of Lumion.

Exterior night render settings
Night Render Settings
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